Shelby Sprake

Design is my passion; it allows me to tell stories through unique and creative visual experiences. It’s an opportunity to learn, explore, and create, finding inspiration from the people and the world around me. I am very blessed to have the knowledge and skills to begin my career in a professional field that I truly love.

Typographical Systems Book

A booklet designed to feature weekly exercises that required the understanding and application of various typographical systems. By utilizing the text's orientation, position, weight, letter spacing, scale, and contrast, I was able to create dynamic, visual narratives, emphasizing key emotions and messages in each typographical exercise.

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Typographical Systems Book cover

Seattle Architecture Postcard Series

A series of postcards designed to celebrate architectural achievements in the city of Seattle. The design features a simple illustration of Seattle enhanced with vibrant colors. The overall layout has a clear structure and visual hierarchy, while the illustrations and color add dynamic elements to the composition.

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Postcard series

Type Magazine

A Type magazine created with a focus on typography, utilizing various strokes, weights, and sizes to emphasize a sense of hierarchy, artistic expression, and a unified presentation and organization of information. Color and shape serve as a means of highlighting important information to help engage readers.

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Magazine cover


A brand identity developed by a talented group of designers and illustrators during Branded 2014. The objective was to design a brand for a bicycle sharing system for college campuses. My role as the creative lead was to design the logo and assist in the conceptualization of collateral pieces.

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Letterhead and business cards

Medic One Foundation 2014 Calendar

A 2014 calendar designed for new donors who support the programs of Medic One Foundation. The layout is clean and simple with a single band of color to highlight the Foundation's logotype and serve as a dramatic contrast to the black and white image of the paramedic student.

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Medic One Foundation 2014 Calendar

Information Design Posters

Two posters designed for Seattle's Union Gospel Mission to educate the community about drug addiction in King County and the foundation's efforts to rescue those who are suffering from addiction. The information graphics are very clean and informative, with a clear sense of hierarchy, organization, and intentional use of color.

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Information posters