Kiri Evanson

Kiri lives and breathes design and hopes that one day her work will bring her overseas in the Non-Profit sector. When she is not dreaming about design, much of her time is spent drinking good coffee, keeping up with all the latest YouTube sensations, and playing with her nieces.

Scaragami Branding

Branding system for a fictional boutique paper company entitled, Scaragami Paper Co. The logo mark was inspired by Egyptian scarab beetles and the polygonal forms of origami paper-folding. Scaragami Paper Co. imports fine papers from Egyptian paper artisans who specialize in papyrus paper blends, hence the reference to the beetle.

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Front and back of letterhead for Scaragami Paper Co.

Virtuous Circle

The challenge was to create a brand for Virtuous Circle, a non-profit loan organization, that marriages professionalism and credibility with approachability in order to reach the student market. Our solution was founded upon the overlapping of colorful shapes where beauty is found in the coming together of colorful, diverse individuals that together paint a unified picture.

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Our inspiration for the Virtuous Circle identity system.

Gilbert Typeface Design

This typeface was inspired by and named after the Gilbert apartment building on Queen Anne Avenue. I was drawn to the unique spur on the ‘G’ and designed this typeface based on the building’s signage. Gilbert functions as a display typeface and is best featured in all-caps.

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The alphabet set in Gilbert.

Garamond Website

This site was designed to explore the history and application of the typeface as well as distribution and licensing information. My approach was to tell the story of Garamond in a uniquely modern and interactive experience.

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Garamond website—top of page.

TED Intro Animation

This title sequence that serves as a prelude to TED’s 2014 conferences located in Vancouver, CA expounds on the idea of building on the past to discover the future. Topics from previous TED conferences were extracted and illustrated to create an abstract reference to the past where the future of possibilities is an unknown yet exciting reveal.

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Homelessness Information Design

These posters aim to raise an awareness and to inform audiences of the practical ways in which they can help alleviate the problem by becoming a part of the solution in the most fundamental way: by forming and maintaining relationships. Everyday examples and metaphors are used to illustrate this information so that it is relatable to the audience.

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Initial research and sketches.