Ariel Butz

My inspiration comes in many forms, such as the beauty of nature, good stories, and music. I am naturally curious and have no doubt that I will be a lifelong learner. My goal is to make a difference in the world, collaborating with people to bring good ideas to fruition.

Lecture Series

These postcards are for a fictitious architectural lecture series. I juxtaposed type with my own photographs of the buildings that focus on an element of the architecture in discussion. The layouts are consistent so that the audience can easily recognize the series.

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Postcard series, front and back.

Cascade Yearbook

As a designer, I worked with a team to create Seattle Pacific University’s 2013-2014 yearbook. We developed a theme that emphasized community. We strived to represent the entire student body in our page spreads so that we could broaden our audience to include commuter students in addition to campus residents.

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Cascade Yearbook, front and back cover.

Virtuous Circle

This brand identity was designed for Virtuous Circle, a non-profit foundation in its early stages. They address the problem of financial aid for low-income students who want to attend college. They strive to be a trustworthy, professional, and approachable company that offers hope to students in need.

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Website, business cards, and letterhead developed with a team.

Information Design Posters

These posters were created for Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. The research that did for this project focused on high risk youth. The first poster emphasizes the importance of academic achievement early in elementary school and the second poster focuses on what is currently being done to help youth.”

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High risk youth information design posters.

Storm Lake Growers, Inc.

During my internship at Trendesigns, I created this brand identity for Storm Lake Growers, Inc. Using feedback from the client, I developed a logo and business papers for them that were clean and would appeal to their target audience.

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Business cards for the client.

Designs for Social Media

As a graphic design intern at World Vision, I had the opportunity to create a variety of images for their social media team to increase their audience engagement.

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#Dreamshare campaign images for Twitter and Facebook.