Luke Culbertson

I am a creative individual with a passion for illustration, music and coffee. My aim as a designer but also as a human being is to create and to love by interacting with my environment and other people: seeking a higher truth, a simpler life, and a constant desire to improve. I love cats, espresso, vinyl, fashion, and the Pacific Northwest.

Moth Creative Solutions - Business Identity and Logo Mark

This business identity consists of an abstracted moth logo, with smooth Swiss lines and generous white space to keep things as tidy and neat as possible. The muted and earthy color palette help this identity to feel warm and inviting and the geometric sensibilities keep it clean and trustworthy.

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Logo Mark

Thryve - Beverage Packaging

A comprehensive brand and packaging design for a natural fruit juice beverage. As a part of the branding process, I decided to cater to the age range of males and females from 20-25 years old who want a no frills, smart, and healthy fruit drink, doing away with clichés like leaves and illustrated fruit. This is reflected in the fun and witty design of the thryve bottle with its organic lines.

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Type Magazine - Layout and Design

This project is informed by my love of painting. Hand-drawn ink elements are contrasted by geometric sans-serif type treatments. The main design element at play in the magazine is contrast and juxtaposition.

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The Magazine

Proliferate – Installation

Proliferate, v. - to multiply, abundantly grow. In this piece, I wanted to explore the repetition of strong graphic forms and the violently stark contrast of red, black and white. This is an experimental project; an exploration of process, rather than a piece informed by metaphor or meaning. The initial illustration was drawn by hand, then digitally processed. 30 prints, no two alike, were created by hand using the screen printing process. Installed without permission.

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The Initial Digitized Design

The Dream Wizard - Narrative Illustration Series

A narrative illustration series exploring the strange and surreal world of dreams, using simple linework and blocked color. Drawn by hand, then digitally outlined and colored in Illustrator and Photoshop. In the world of these illustrations, your dreams are chosen for you by the eccentric and unsettling Dream Wizard, rather than your subconscious thoughts.

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Panel 1: Descent into Sleep

Creatures – Digital Illustration Series

Digital re-creations of selections from a narrative illustration series. Linework created in Illustrator, color and texture added in Photoshop. In each creature’s speech bubble, the Chinese character of the corresponding color (blue, red, and yellow) is represented.

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The Creatures, from Left: Blue: 蓝 (Lan), Red: 红 (Hong), Yellow: 黄 (Huang)