Emily Reid

I’ve been an artist from a young age, transformed into a designer in college, who still loves illustration. Sketching and hand drawing is always a part of my process. I love color, and I like collaborating on group projects. Logo design, information graphics, and motion graphics intrigue me. I hope to work for companies or people who strive to impact the world for good.

Information Graphics

Partnering with Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, I studied youth at risk in King County on a research team. After compiling the research and organizing data I developed informational posters. I focused on childhood and home environments as factors for problems in youth.

Motion Graphic Vimeo link

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Research and sketches

Living Theology

In a collaboration of faculty and students in the art and theology departments at Seattle Pacific University we created a visual and textual reflection on the basics confessions of Christian faith. We were interested in the conversation between text and image. I primarily worked on the illustrations.

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Urban Involvement

Urban Involvement is a Seattle Pacific University ministry team that connects students with serving opportunities in Seattle. The city or Seattle, relationships, and bridging gaps were three important key words that I discussed with the team that formed my process in creating this logo.

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Sketches and digital comps


During a 12 hour day event, called Branded, I was a part of a team of designers and business students that created a brand for Levo, a social venture company that seeks to provide marketing support to non-profits. After collaborating on the logo, I created the icons for the website.

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Branded event sketches, comps, workspace

Haring Center

In an internship with Tmarks design I collaborated with another intern to create the invitation materials for the Haring Center Auction, which benefits the Haring Center, a school providing support for families and instruction for children with disabilities.

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Save the date

Dark Shadows

I re imagined the 1960’s vampire soap opera TV series for a title sequence. The show is full of strange events, haunted houses, ghosts, and drama, which influenced the aesthetic of this motion graphic. I hand painted the assets and created the film in after effects.

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