Wesley Anderson

I am a photographer & designer based in Seattle, WA. I am passionate about documenting life and telling stories. I believe that the work I do is heartfelt, inspires and is unique and timeless.  My work grows from imagining new possibilities and developing to make something beautiful.  I am always seeking to press the boundaries of my own craft by intentionally deepening my understanding of design & photography and thinking with passion.


Anderlin Arts is a Northwest based theatre company.  I created a branding system, promotional material, and web design for them. The logo mark was inspired by traditional comedy and tragedy theatre mask. Anderlin Arts a theatre company that seeks to encourage artists to grow in their abilities and pursue acting, singing, and dancing.

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Inspired by the comedy & tragedy mask and juxtaposed fonts.

Dead Man Coffee

Dead Man is a cold brew coffee company. Its packaging design is rugged, and modern with an arrogant attitude. It was inspired by the rough whaling community and their need for damn good and powerful coffee.

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Dead Man Packaging Design

Poverty Infographic Poster

Poverty in King County is a cycle not easily broken. Union Gospel Mission works to solve the core issues of poverty not simply alleviate the symptoms. With four main projects, UGM equips men and women to pick themselves up and break this vicious cycle.

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Infographic posters.

TYPE Magazine

Type is a magazine with a focus on typography. My goal was to explore various styles, and moods to emphasize a hierarchy, artistic expression, and thoughtful story telling.

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Magazine Cover.

Donnie Darko Title Sequence

I was tasked with reimagining a film's title sequence. I picked Donnie Darko.

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When I started forming this book I wanted to expand how I think of structures, to press my understanding of the word. I focused on what structure could mean to architchure, society, and works of art. This publication is a personal interpretation of structure. All of the photos in this book are original and where taken while I was in Italy during the summer of 2013. (This is just a preview)

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Cover and inside spread detail.