Emily Scrabeck

I am an organized, open-minded creative thinker, driven by my faith, who thrives on seeing how things connect and can work together. “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” Joseph Chilton Pearce

“I am in love with trees.”

This was inspired by a Marc Johns’ drawing called “I have a crush on trees.” Working at summer camp, I discovered how much I love trees, so I painted this as a side project over my break.

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The whole painting is done with watercolor, on a 9 by 12 inch piece of watercolor paper.

“I am” journal

This journal was created for the purpose of allowing people to become more self-aware. Through going through and answering the different questions, and reflecting over the quotes, the journal provides a safe space for an individual to reflect on who they are, and who they are becoming.

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Overview of the front of the journal. The front text was written in my own handwriting; it replicates a tattoo that I have on my wrist.

Wedding invitations

These wedding invitations were created for my roommate and her fiancée. I designed the invitation, and took their engagement photos, which were used in the overall presentation of their invitations.

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The Smuckers are getting married in the end of August, and thought it would be fun to incorporate the idea of Smuckers’ jam.

Reality Check

Reality Check is an event that happens at SPU each year, where different professional designers come in and take the time to go through each student’s portfolios, and give critique.

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I wanted to show the idea that Reality Check is giving you a lot of feedback about your work. I used glasses as a way to represent different perspectives.

Poverty Poster

Union Gospel Mission teamed up with our Information Graphics class to create posters for the different pillars of their organization. I was in a group that worked on created posters for their poverty initiative.

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I aimed to create a poster that helped put a face to the people in poverty. I wanted to explain that Poverty is such a broad group of people that they can’t be stereotyped.


This was a mini internship assignment with a church in Greenwood. They felt that their current logo didn’t quite align with where the church was at. Upon realizing how important the location of their church was, the name of the neighborhood was added.

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This is the finished product. After many revisions, this seemed to be the best choice for the church.