EDU 6150: Planning, Instructing and Supporting Students I (2024-2025)

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Covers principles of planning and instruction for beginning teachers. Opens with models for structuring and sequencing learning (assessing background knowledge, writing goals, preparing unit and lesson plans). Continues with approaches for representing content (relevant examples, visual aids, manipulatives). Emphasizes selecting and adapting academic tasks (familiar or novel, changing instructional materials). Addresses methods for organizing students (independent, group, whole class) and formats for instructing (direct and indirect instruction, strategy instruction, dialogue).

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Summer 60143 3 David Denton
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Restrictions: Graduate only. Accel MA Teaching Online, Alt Routes to Certification-SE, Education-GR Certificate (OL), MA Teaching Online only. Alt Route Teaching Cert 2425, Graduate Teacher Education cohort(s) only.
Grade Modes: (Default) Normal with G
Instructional Methods: Online
Note: Full Term