CPY 7020: Research Design and Methodology (2024-2025)

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Review of research design and methods necessary to address questions asked by scientist-practitioner-advocates in psychology programs. The scope of the course includes topics such as research design (e.g., experimental, non-experimental, qualitative, case study), philosophy of science, research ethics, open science, APA style, and culturally responsive practices. With a focus on integration, students will gain skills in selecting the appropriate statistic for a given research design. Writing empirical papers is also emphasized. Typically offered: Autumn.

Term CRN Credits Instructor(s) Days Time Dates Location Open
Autumn 428 5 TBA Staff
1:00PM-5:30 PM
Cremona Classrooms 202
30 of 30 seats open
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Restrictions: Clinical Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psy majors only. Doctoral only.
Equivalent: ORG 7021
Grade Modes: (Default) Normal with G, Audit
Instructional Methods: Traditional
Note: Full Term

CPY 7031: B- or better
AND CPY 7032: B- or better
AND CPY 7010: B- or better