RPS 6200: Applied Research Design II (2024-2025)

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This course will help students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to operationalize variables, identify appropriate ways to measure variables, and think critically and ethically about research design. Students will learn the connection among research questions, theoretical frameworks, hypotheses, and methodology. This course is ideal for students whose intend to work in a research-oriented field either independently or as part of a team. Additionally, this course will help students learn how to clearly and effectively communicate research narratives to diverse audiences. Typically offered: Winter.

Term CRN Credits Instructor(s) Days Time Dates Location Open
Winter 20367 4 Jenny Lee Vaydich
12:30PM-4:00 PM
Marston Watson Hall 253
15 of 15 seats open
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Grade Modes: (Default) Normal Grading
Instructional Methods: Traditional
Note: Extended Deadline

RPS 6100: C or better