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Randal Franz

Professor of Management

Phone: 206-281-2729
Office: McKenna Hall 203

Education: BA, CSU, Sacramento, 1982; MA, CSU, Sacramento, 1985; AM, Stanford University, 1988; PhD, Stanford University, 1991. At SPU since 1991.

Randal S. Franz is co-founder of the Center for Integrity in Business and professor of management in the School of Business, Government, and Economics. Dr. Franz received his PhD and AM degrees from Stanford University. He is an organizational sociologist with specialties in organizational behavior and design.

Dr. Franz’s recent research focuses upon the topic of corporate social responsibility and society’s changing expectations for institution of business. He has consulted in the health care, law enforcement, software, and aerospace industries. His work has been published in the Journal of Global Responsibility; Journal of Management Inquiry; Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion; Business & Professional Ethics Journal; Journal of Management Education; Small Group Research; the American Compensation Association News; and Washington CEO magazine

Selected Publications

  • Franz, R.S. & Petersen, H.L (2012). "Role of Business: A Portfolio Model of Corporate Social Responsibility" in Journal of Global Responsibility. (3)1: pp. 83–10.
  • Van Duzer, Franz, Karns, Wong & Daniels (2007). "It’s Not Your Business: A Christian Reflection on Stewardship and Business," in The Journal of Management, Spirituality, and Religion. 4(1): pp. 99–122.
  • Franz, R.S. & Wong, K (2005). “Spirituality & Management: A Wider Lens” Comment on D. Steingard’s ‘Spiritually-Informed Management’ in Journal of Management Inquiry, Vol. 14, No. 3, 247–250.
  • Erisman, Daniels, Wong & Franz (2004). “Analyzing and Responding to Different Christian Views of the Corporation” in Business & Professional Ethics Journal 23(4): 93–114.
  • Daniels, D., Franz, R.S., & Wong, K (2000). “A Classroom With a Worldview: Making Spiritual Assumptions Explicit in Management Education” Journal of Management Education. 24(5): pp. 540–61.

Please view Dr. Franz's CV (PDF) for additional publications.

Randy Franz

Why I Teach at SPU

Randal Franz, Professor of Management

"I love the students at SPU, and I want to be part of influencing the next generation of business leaders who will shape the world of commerce into a more just, humane, and sustainable system."