Undergraduate Majors

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The School of Business, Government, and Economics at SPU offers six undergraduate majors, each framed within the context of Christian values and ethics.

The major in Business Administration provides training in a broad base of management, technical, and financial skills for future leaders in business or nonprofits. Internships are an essential component of this program.

Issues covered in the Economics major reflect today's news headlines: How can trade policies reduce poverty? What role do biblical stewardship principles play in today's economies? What about global trade?

Whether you plan to serve as an accountant or a CFO, a major in Accounting will help you create and oversee everything from budgets to profit-and-loss statements – while learning the importance of professional responsibility, ethics, and servant leadership.

A major in Political Science equips you to be a leader who influences politics and public policy, informed by Christian faith. Consider one of three distinct tracks: general track, public policy and law, or international affairs.

A major in Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE) prepares you for advanced studies and broad career opportunities in vital areas such as Applied Economics, Financial Economics, International Affairs, Philosophy, Law, Public Administration, or Social Enterprise.

A Global Development Studies major equips you to make a difference in the world, in and out of the classroom. 

Combining SBGE Majors and Minors

For an even deeper experience, you may want to combine your SBGE major with an SBGE minor. With at least 15 unique in the minor, you may combine these programs:

  • Accounting major and Economics minor
  • Political Science major and Business, Economics, or Entrepreneurship minor
  • Global Development major and Business, Economics, or Entrepreneurship minor

These major and minor combinations, however, are not allowed:

  • Accounting major and Business or Entrepreneurship minor
  • Business major and Business, Economics, or Entrepreneurship minor
  • Economics major and Economics, Business, or Entrepreneurship minor
  • Business minor and Entrepreneurship minor

Contact your faculty advisor for a more detailed explanation.

Learn about the Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE) Major

The PPE major is new at SPU for 2017-18. But this major has a long and strong history at universities in Europe and the U.S. Students considering careers in law, politics, or academia should especially consider the PPE degree.

John Keatley

“It goes without saying, my business degree from SBGE plays a huge role in the success of my business today, but it is the relationships with students and faculty I met along the way that will never leave me. Those relationships have made all the difference.”
John Keatley ’03

Is the School of Business accredited?

SPU’s School of Business, Government, and Economics is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the oldest and most prestigious business school accrediting body.