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Admitted SBGE minors will need to email Jake Carlson every quarter prior to registration week, to have major restrictions lifted from upper division SBGE courses. Do this in advance, so registration is a breeze. Questions about any of the SBGE minor programs can be asked of the faculty minor advisor, Dr. Sleight.

Non-SBGE majors – If you have an SBGE faculty advisor, be sure to update your faculty advisor to someone in your intended major by the end of your freshman year.

SBGE Freshmen – Make sure you are planning each quarter's class schedule in a way that makes you eligible to apply to SBGE in your sophomore year. Meet with your Faculty Advisor in SBGE regularly for mentoring and direction.

SBGE Sophomores – Make sure you are making good headway in your BUS/ACCT/ECN lower division courses, and that you've completed BUS 2910 by the end of the year.

SBGE Juniors – You should be on your way to completing 3000 level courses in the program. Look into internships, the mentor program, and leadership opportunities this year! Be sure to apply for graduation by spring quarter, and have a course plan laid out for your last year.

SBGE Seniors – You are almost done! Contact your Faculty Advisor if you have any questions about degree completion or requirements.

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Other Information

Contact Jake Carlson, Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs with any questions at  

SBGE Teaching Rubrics

SBGE faculty in certain graduate and undergraduate courses track student learning and competencies using established evaluation rubrics. Some of these are listed here. Other areas include ethical decision-making and acting in a professional manner.

Rubrics (.doc)

Staff Contact

Jake Carlson

Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs
BS, Manhattan Christian College; MA, Seattle Pacific University

Phone: 206-281-2895
Office: McKenna Hall 202