Undergraduate SBGE Scholarships & Awards

The School of Business, Government, and Economics at Seattle Pacific University offers these undergraduate scholarships. Special end-of-year awards are also listed. All are made possible by generous alumni, businesses, and other donors.

Below is a list of scholarships and the 2017-18 scholarship and award recipients. 


Ben Cheney Foundation
Garrhett Petrea

Frances Lydia Denniston
Helena Kerr

Dupar Foundation
Olivia Beckham
Dakota Dean
Paige Shivel
Ashley Stephens

Katherine Walter

Aubrey Wayne "Monty" Morton
Olivia Beckham
Hollis Miller

Vicki Morley Memorial
Nicole Bachaud

Joanne Markowitz Chinn Memorial
Celene Haque

Kauppila Family
Andrew Baklund

Rotary of Magnolia
Dana Creswell
Robin "Robby" Park Grant
Rayne Heath
Helena Kerr
Ruxue "Tina" Zhang

SBGE Academic Excellence
Courtney Perine

McKenna Christian Leadership
Anastasia Kharitonova
Jeanette Silvernale

Moss Adams
Luke Postma
Katherine Walter

E. Gerald and Katherine Teel
Garrhett Petrea
Luke Postma
Delaney Robinson
Lindsey Stover

F. Wesley Walls and Elizabeth Walls
Rachael Campbell
Deanna Hines

Mendall B. Miller
Alexis Collins

Ned Bohrer Memorial
Mikaela Mulhall

Boots to Books
Steven Cox
Charles Hopper
Bryan Hughes
Daniel McConnell


Douglas A. Downing Award for Economics
Tylyn Turner

F. Wesley Walls Award for Law & Public Policy
Kyle Nelson

Kathleen Braden Award for Global Development Studies
Serena Kaveney

Omar Burns Award for Political Science
Sara Kang

Orrin Tiffany Award for International Affairs
Collin Markstrom

SBGE Undergraduate Writing Award
Kat Lewis


McKenna Hall

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Does Business Matter to God?

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