Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE) Major

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The interdisciplinary Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE) major is a unique program which prepares students for leadership in many areas of public service and private enterprise.

About the Politics, Philosophy, & Economics (PPE) Major

PPE is a rigorous, interdisciplinary program that combines studies in political science, philosophy, and economics.  Modeled after a program at Oxford University, PPE core classes study human values, cultural institutions, and economics in order to develop multiperspectival solutions to pressing social problems. PPE students will also choose an area of emphasis from the following tracks: Financial Economics, International Affairs, Philosophy, Applied Economics, Law, Public Administration, and Social Enterprise. 

As a PPE major, you will be required to take a minimum of 88 credits, including 73 general core credits and 15 elective credits. You must meet the major requirements in effect at the time you were admitted to the major, and have a minimum of 35 credit hours in the major at SPU.


Grounded in SPU’s Liberal Arts core and Christian perspective, the PPE major will prepare you  for a wide range of careers (i.e., politics, public policy, management consulting) and graduate school options (i.e., business, law).  You will learn from gifted professors across several departments.

The PPE program is housed within SPU’s School of Business, Government, and Economics (SBGE) providing students with tracks and the possibility of minors and double majors in fields that are highly attractive to employers.

Leveraging SPU’s location in the urban core of one of America's most economically and culturally vibrant cities, numerous opportunities for internships, mentoring, volunteering and post-graduate employment are within a short distance.

Tracks within the PPE program

Complete Politics, Philosophy, and Economics major requirements are listed in the SPU Undergraduate Catalog.  See the links below for the degree requirements in specific concentrations..

Students majoring in PPE must choose at least 15 credits from one of the following concentration tracks to fulfill their major requirements.

  • Applied Economics  ECN 3101 Intermediate Microeconomics (5), ECN 3500 Environmental Economics (5), ECN 4010 Heath Economics (5)
  • Financial Economics   ACCT 2361 Financial Accounting (5), BUS 3250 Business Finance (5), BUS 3251 Investments (5)
  • International Affairs   POL 3320 Political and Economic Development of Nations (5), POL 3400 International Organizations (5), POL 3670 History of American Foreign Relations (5), POL 4452 International Law (3)
  • Law (Must be unique credits not counting in the PPE core) BUS 2414 Legal Environment of Business (5), POL 3780 Law & Society (5), POL 4450 Constitutional Law: Powers (5), POL 4451 Constitutional Law: Liberties (5), POL 4452 International Law (3)
  • Philosophy   PHI 4652 Contemporary Metaphysics, one of PHI 2001 Advanced Logic (5), PHI 3999 Mind & Immortality (3), PHI 4653 Contemp. Epistemology (3), and 8 additional credits of PHI electives (8)
  • Public Administration   BUS 3614 Organizational Behavior for Managers (5), BUS 3670 Management in the Nonprofit Sector (5), POL 3677 Urban Politics (5), POL 4000 Public Policy & Administration (5)
  • Social Enterprise   BUS 3680 Social Enterprise (3), BUS 3682 Social Venture Planning (2), plus one of BUS 3690 Microfinance (5) or BUS 3670 Management in Non-Prof (5), and one of  ECN 3811 Micro Development: Community (5), ECN 3812 Macro Development: International (5), POL 3320 Political and Economics Development of Nations (5)

Admission Requirements

To meet the minimum requirements for admission, you must:

  • Have completed at least two courses at SPU that apply to this major (or one class for first quarter transfers).
  • Have a minimum 2.70 GPA in previous courses in the major.
  • You must apply online between December 20 and January 20. Most SBGE majors are accepted only during this annual application window.

PPE Faculty Contacts

Caleb Henry

Associate Professor of Political Science
PhD, Claremont Graduate University

Phone: 206-281-2162
Office: McKenna Hall 206

Kenman Wong

Professor of Business Ethics
PhD, University of Southern California

Phone: 206-281-2353
Office: McKenna Hall 218

Kenman Wong

Why I Teach at SPU

Kenman Wong, Professor of Business Ethics

"I enjoy teaching here because SPU is a unique place with a compelling mission. I find it tremendously rewarding to be part of a university that values close student-faculty relationships, service to society, character formation, and the liberal arts. SPU’s location within the urban core of a world class city also offers numerous internships, career, and cultural opportunities for students. Add it all up and it’s a combination that’s pretty tough to beat!"

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