School of Business, Government, and Economics Undergraduate Programs

Allen Klein

An undergraduate degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Economics, Political Science, Global Development Studies, or Politics, Philosophy & Economics from Seattle Pacific University prepares you for achievement, but from a unique perspective.

Rather than approach business as just a means of generating shareholder wealth, for example, we ask our students to consider “another way of doing business” — an approach that sees business and government as tools for service to the community and to the world. You will discover a distinctly Christian approach to engage the culture and change the world through service in the global community.

Undergraduate Offerings

SPU’s School of Business, Government, and Economics offers majors in Business Administration, Accounting, Economics, Political Science, Politics, Philosophy & Economics, and Global Development Studies.

  • If you major in Business Administration, you will have the option of selecting an emphasis: Economics, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Management, Marketing, or Social Enterprise.
  • If you major in Economics, you can also customize your program by selecting an emphasis in Development, Economic Policy, Finance, or International Economics.
  • If you major in Political Science, you may choose an emphasis in one of these areas: General, Public Policy and Law, or International Affairs.
  • If you major in Politics, Philosophy & Economics, you may choose an emphasis in one of these seven areas: Applied Economics, Financial Economics, International Affairs, Philosophy, Law, Public Administration, or Social Enterprise.

We also offer minors in business administration, economics, entrepreneurship, and political science.

Kenman Wong

Why I Teach at SPU

Kenman Wong, Professor of Business Ethics

"I enjoy teaching here because SPU is a unique place with a compelling mission. I find it tremendously rewarding to be part of a university that values close student-faculty relationships, service to society, character formation, and the liberal arts. SPU’s location within the urban core of a world class city also offers numerous internships, career, and cultural opportunities for students. Add it all up and it’s a combination that’s pretty tough to beat!"

Financing Your Education

Seattle Pacific will administer $100 million in financial aid for 2015–16. See how we can design a financial aid package for you.