One Family’s Connection to Alexander Hall

Alexander Hall

As the university archivist, Adrienne Thun Meier ’04 preserves Seattle Pacific University’s rich history and uses her family’s legacy at her alma mater as a resource to help fill in the details. Adrienne is a third-generation Falcon, on both sides of her family, and has been engaged in Seattle Pacific’s community since she was a young girl.
Both of her grandfathers lived in the first building on our campus,
Alexander Hall.
Alexander Hall is central to the story of Seattle Pacific University … past, present, and future. SPU’s story began in 1891 with a vision for outstanding Christian education that would equip students to do good in the world. Set on an uncultivated plot of land in early Seattle, Alexander Hall — the University’s first building — brought that vision to life.

SPU has been working with an engineering firm for some time to determine how to bring Alexander Hall up to today’s seismic standards. No one anticipated, however, what would be discovered in the spring of 2013. Analyzing the building’s original unreinforced masonry construction and the wear and tear of 121 years, engineers determined that Alexander represented a potential safety risk.

What was an unforeseen development became an opportunity: to fully restore and renew Alexander Hall for the future. For more information about the Alexander Hall Restoration Project, please visit

Posted: Monday, September 15, 2014