SPU Statement on Rinedahl lawsuit

An official statement from Seattle Pacific University on a lawsuit filed by Jéaux Rinedahl.

"We are grateful for Mr. Rinedahl’s work with our students and for his service to Seattle Pacific University. We are still reviewing the facts of this case and have no further comment about this specific case at this time.

We recognize that Mr. Rinedahl’s lawsuit raises questions of Christian practice which are being debated vigorously throughout the global church. As a Christian university that is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church, and while also employing individuals from a variety of Christian denominations, we acknowledge that diverse views exist within various faith communities, including within our own. The importance and complexity of this issue will continue to inform conversations as we strive to respect and care for all members of our community.

Since our founding, we have accepted students who desire a quality private education that is student-centered and shaped by our Christian faith, regardless of their beliefs, backgrounds, or identities."

Posted: Thursday, January 14, 2021