About Tansy Brook

Tansy Brook

Tansy Brook is an integrated marketing expert with over 15 years of experience in scaling innovation. She is a storyteller passionate about how technology can empower businesses, individuals, and societies. As a Product Marketing Director at Oracle, Tansy works closely on digital transformations with finance, operation, and HR senior leadership, from startups to global Fortune 500 companies. Previously, she spent over a decade in Silicon Vally Startups, representing the “human” and customer perspectives in technology design - a frequent gap in engineering-led organizations. 

She was also an entertainment producer for an award-winning independent television pilot, a research consultant in an education non-profit, a board member of the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab, and has won a Guinness World record. 

Tansy holds an MBA from UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business, and graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in Branding and Social Marketing.