Faculty In-Service

Post-Pandemic Pedagogy and the Future of Work

Topic: Post-Pandemic Pedagogy and the Future of Work
In March 2020, we were thrust into a pandemic world where macro cultural trends infiltrated our micro culture forcing us to adapt our pedagogical approach to a remote learning format. It was a tall task that stretched and stressed our psychological bandwidth. This moment of truth highlighted our agility, resiliency, and capacity as a community to provide a quality educational experience for our students in extraordinary times. One year later, the time has come for us to assess and process who we were in the past, who we are today, and who we want to be post-pandemic. In assessing our strengths, capacity, and priorities, it is imperative for us to process what the pandemic did to us and for us. 

The 2021 Winter In-Service explored how macro trends were accelerated in a pandemic environment causing us to experience a pandemic psyche and to develop pandemic pedagogy. In assessing the impact on us and our students, we explored how our pandemic didactic support strategies worked for one of our higher needs student groups - students with disabilities – as a baseline for understanding the scope of the broader student experience . After exploring these four factors, we analyzed what it means for the deepening of our SPU roots regarding faith, academics, technology and students post-pandemic.

**This event took place on March 15, 2021

PART I: How Did We Get Here? 

Macro Trends (Future of Work) 
An orientation of key trends impacting the future of work, accelerated by the pandemic and explored during the Days of Common Learning.
   Presenter: Michael Paulus, MLIS, DMin
Pandemic Psyche 
What being thrust into a pandemic environment has meant for the psyche of faculty, staff and students who scrambled to find the skills and capacity to adjust to this new normal.
   Presenter: Ebony Blackmon-Humphrey, DNP, ARNP, PMHNP-BC, CCM, CNE
Pandemic Pedagogy  
What higher education trends reveal about the ongoing shape of educational technology for the future of teaching and learning at SPU to improve both faculty and student experiences.
   Presenter: R. John Robertson, MCS, MSc
Didactic Disability Support
How remote learning impacted students with disabilities in beneficial and challenging ways.
   Presenters: Annabell DuMez-Matheson, M.S and Niki Amarantides, M.A

PART II: The Future of SPU 

The Future of SPU (Micro context) 

What is the strategic focus for SPU post-pandemic? How are we going to move forward leveraging what we have learned about our capacity to diversify services in an evolved academic environment.
   Presenter: Paul Yost, Ph.D., Shea, Munyi, Ph.D. and Strategy Team
Faculty Breakout Group Discussions: Takeaways from the pandemic and how faculty and SPU can leverage what we have learned about our capacity to serve students in multifaceted ways to stay competitive while fulfilling our mission.

**There will be two faculty breakout sessions during Dr. Yost’s session around the following questions:

  • What pedagogy and teaching practices have you adopted that may have actually led to better student development & learning? What made them successful?
  • How do you see God using your limitations, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities?
  • What do you want to bring into tomorrow’s online, hybrid, and in-person classrooms?