Terms and Conditions

  1. Applicability of Terms. Use of a Falcon Card, including but not limited to any use of Dining Dollars, Falcon Funds, or a Falcon Card Account, is subject to the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”). Anyone who misuses a Falcon Card is subject to disciplinary action and may have his or her Falcon Card restricted or revoked. Your use of the Falcon Card constitutes your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. SPU may revise these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. Falcon Cards issued to Interlink students are subject to these Terms and Conditions but may not have all of the same functionality as Falcon Cards issued to SPU students. 

  2. Definitions. For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the following meanings apply:

    1. The terms “cardholder,” “you” and “your” refer to the person whose name and image appear on the Seattle Pacific University Falcon Card.
    2. The terms “we,” “us,” “SPU” and “university” refer to Seattle Pacific University.
    3. The term “card” refers to the Falcon Card.
    4. The term “OUS” refers to SPU’s Office of University Services.
    5. The term “SFS” refers to SPU’s Student Financial Services office.

  3. Obtaining a New, Replacement, or Temporary Card.

    1. Permanent Card. To obtain a Falcon Card, you must go to OUS, provide a valid form of government-issued photo identification, and have your photograph taken. Legal first and last name only are printed on all Falcon Cards.
    2. Temporary Card. A temporary card with limited functions may be issued by OUS during regular business hours. Temporary cards expire after three business days. They are valid at the SPU Library and in Gwinn Commons Dining Hall during regular meal plan hours. Dining Dollars and Falcon Funds cannot be accessed with a temporary card. OUS is not open on weekends to issue new or temporary cards. If you do not have a valid Falcon Card or temporary card, you must pay cash or use a credit card at dining locations.
    3. Charges. There is no charge for your first Falcon Card. A replacement card will be issued free of charge if your name has legally changed, your card is found to be defective by OUS, or your card warrants replacement due to OUS error. In all other cases, a fee of $25.00 will be charged for a replacement card. If you require the use of a temporary card, a fee of $5.00 will be charged for each temporary card. All applicable charges for a new, temporary, or replacement card will be applied to your SFS account. You will receive an email notifying you when your electronic SFS account statement is posted. Your statement will include the payment due date. Late payments will result in a late fee and a past-due account hold.
    4. Specialty Identification Badges. Certain students, staff and faculty may obtain specialty identification badges for use off-campus in addition to obtaining a Falcon Card. Specialty identification badges are issued with the holder’s first and last name, photo, and University identifiers.  The badges are only for purposes of certain academic programs such as nursing (SHS) and medical family externships (SPFC). There is a fee of $5.00.

  4. Reporting a Lost or Stolen Card. If you lose your Falcon Card or it is stolen, you must report it immediately to Falcon Card Services or by logging into your Falcon Card Account and selecting “I Lost My Card” from the menu so the card can be deactivated. Failure to report your card as lost or stolen may create security risks and result in financial loss to you (e.g., unauthorized access to facilities, unauthorized use of your meal plan, blocks and Falcon Funds). The Falcon Card does not offer consumer protection like a credit card. A card that is reported as lost or stolen will be deactivated and can be reactivated if no replacement card is issued. If you locate your lost card after a replacement card has been issued, you are not eligible for a refund of your replacement card cost and your old card cannot be reactivated.

  5. Ownership and Use. Each card is the property of the university. Your card may be cancelled or revoked by the university at any time and must be returned to the Falcon Card Services Office upon request. The Falcon Card is nontransferable and it is only for the designated cardholder’s use.

  6. Responsibility. As a cardholder, it is your responsibility to maintain possession of the card and to protect the card from damage. Lost, stolen or damaged cards must be replaced. You are responsible for any and all use of your card. SPU is not liable for any misuse of any card by the cardholder or for any use of any card by someone other than the designated cardholder.

  7. No Modification or Alteration. You are not allowed to modify or alter a Falcon Card after it has been issued to you, including but not limited to punching holes in the card and altering or applying stickers to the photograph, name, or identification number.

  8. Termination. Your Falcon Card is valid upon receipt and will cease to operate on your separation from the university (e.g., by graduation, withdrawal, or termination of employment). Except as otherwise noted in these Terms and Conditions, all functionality of the Falcon Card will cease upon your separation from the university and you may be asked to surrender your card to SPU. SPU may also suspend or terminate some or all of the functions of a cardholder’s Falcon Card at any time, including if SPU believes that the cardholder has violated any of these Terms and Conditions or any other university policies.

  9. Modifying and/or Terminating Falcon Card Uses. SPU may modify or eliminate any particular use associated with a Falcon Card without notice, including but not limited to reducing the number of opportunities for use of Falcon Funds on campus. The university may also transfer its administration of any Falcon Card use (e.g., Falcon Funds) to a third party that the university deems qualified to manage the program.

  10. Privacy. Your digital image will be printed on the face of your Falcon Card and will be stored in the university database. Personal information collected for the card, including your image, and data related to card usage will only be used: (1) for university purposes, (2) when necessary to complete a transaction, (3) as may be required to comply with government agency or court orders or subpoenas, or (4) with your permission.

  11. SPU Library. A cardholder may use his or her Falcon Card to borrow books from the library. The use of SPU Library services is subject to additional rules not contained in these Terms and Conditions. For more information, contact the SPU Library.

  12. Access to Secure Locations. A Falcon Card can be used to provide the cardholder with access to certain campus buildings. The Office of Safety and Security grants cardholders different levels of access depending on a variety of factors (e.g., whether they live in a residence hall, whether they have classes or work in a particular building). No cardholder may use his or her card to provide another person with unauthorized access to any SPU facility, and no person may use a Falcon Card to obtain unauthorized access to any SPU facility. Each cardholder must report any lost or stolen card immediately to Falcon Card Services or by logging into your Falcon Card Account and selecting “I Lost My Card” from the menu to deactivate the card for the sake of campus security.

  13. Meal Plans. If you have an SPU meal plan, you must present your Falcon Card in order to use your meal plan at campus dining locations. The purchase and use of meal plans are subject to additional terms not contained in these Terms and Conditions. For more information, contact Housing and Meal Plan Services (mealplan@spu.edu).

  14. Dining Dollars.

    1. Obtaining Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars are included with Weekly Block meal plans and can be used for on-campus dining purchases at a rate of one dollar per Dining Dollar. For each meal plan, a designated amount of Dining Dollars is added each quarter. Cardholders may not purchase additional Dining Dollars but may purchase Falcon Funds which can be used to purchase food, as described below. Each academic year, Dining Dollar balances will carry forward from quarter to quarter through Spring Quarter, provided the cardholder remains on a quarterly meal plan.
    2. Using Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars are automatically deducted from your account balance with each dining transaction. Dining Dollars cannot be used during breaks, do not roll over from year to year, are nonrefundable, and are nontransferable.
    3. Forfeiting Dining Dollars. Access to Dining Dollars ends at 4:30 p.m. on the Friday before Commencement; any remaining balance will be forfeited. If a student cancels his or her quarterly meal plan, he or she forfeits any remaining Dining Dollars at that time.

  15. Falcon Funds.

    1. Creating and Maintaining a Falcon Funds Account. Cardholders may add Falcon Funds to their Falcon Card by logging into their Falcon Card Account through Falcon Card Services or using the GET mobile app. Placing Falcon Funds on your Falcon Card Account creates a declining balance account. There is no account maintenance fee. The maximum amount of Falcon Funds that a cardholder may have on his or her Falcon Card at one time is $2,500.00. Falcon Funds are nontransferable. The university reserves the right to place accounts on hold in the event of suspicious activity.
    2. Using Falcon Funds. Falcon Funds may be used for dining and non-dining purchases on campus. The university will deduct funds from your account when your card is used for such transactions.
    3. Closing a Falcon Funds Account. Upon separation from the University (e.g., due to graduation, withdrawal or termination of employment), Falcon Funds may no longer be used, and the Falcon Card Account will be closed. Cardholders who have not spent all funds on their Falcon Cards upon separation may request a refund pursuant to the refund procedures described below, or may donate any remaining balance to the university. The university also reserves the right to: (i) transfer any remaining balance to the cardholder’s SFS account and, if applicable, use such balance to offset any amount owed by the cardholder to the university; (ii) include any remaining balance in a final paycheck of a departing employee or make a separate direct deposit to a departing employee; and (iii) mail a check to the cardholder for the remaining balance using an address the university has on file for the cardholder.  However, the university is not required to initiate refund processes for Cardholders, and Cardholders are responsible for spending all their funds, requesting a refund, or making a donation if they do not want their remaining funds to be treated as abandoned property.
    4. Refund Procedures. Cardholders who have a Falcon Funds balance at the time of separation from the university and wish to request a refund must do so within three years following separation. Refunds may be requested through the online Falcon Funds Refund Request Form located on the Student Menu in Banner. Cardholders may also email falconcards@spu.edu for assistance. All refunds are processed by check in the name of the cardholder or by direct deposit, at the option of the university. Checks will be mailed within four weeks of a refund request.
    5. Abandoned Property. Any remaining balance that has not been refunded, used to offset amounts owing to the university, or donated to the university before the three year anniversary of the cardholder’s separation from the university will be treated as abandoned property and, if applicable, remitted to the appropriate government authorities.

  16. No Interest or Earnings. There is no interest or other earnings on Falcon Funds or Dining Dollars.

  17. Falcon Card Account Statements. No statements are automatically issued for your Falcon Card Account regarding Dining Dollars or Falcon Funds transactions or balances. To view your account history, log into your Falcon Card Account or request a report in person at the Falcon Card Services Office.

  18. Insufficient Funds; SFS Accounts. If you attempt to use your card when there are insufficient Falcon Funds available, the transaction may be denied. If a transaction is approved despite the lack of sufficient Falcon Funds, causing a negative balance, Falcon Card Services will charge the negative balance to your SFS account. You will receive an email notifying you when your electronic SFS account statement is posted. Your statement will include the payment due date. Late payments will result in a late fee and a past-due account hold. More information about your SFS account can be found by logging into Banner.

  19. Questions about Accounts; Suspected Account Errors. If you have a question about your Falcon Funds account, including if you suspect an error, visit the Falcon Card Services Office located at 3220 6th Ave. W. or send an email to falconcards@spu.edu. If you have a question about a meal plan, block plan, or Dining Dollars, including if you suspect an error, contact Housing and Meal Plan Services at mealplan@spu.edu. If you have a question about a particular transaction, we must hear from you within 30 days from the date the transaction occurred. In any correspondence regarding any aspect of your Falcon Card Account, please: (a) include your name and SPU ID number; (b) describe the error or transaction in question, including the date, time, location and dollar amount of the transaction; and (c) explain as clearly as you can why you believe there is an error or why you need more information. Upon your notification of a perceived error, we will conduct a timely investigation into your concern.

Terms & Conditions updated 11/01/2019


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