About the Falcon Card

See the full Terms and Conditions for the Falcon Card.

Identification Card

The multipurpose Falcon Card features a cardholder’s legal name, nine-digit identification number, and photo. Your Falcon Card identifies you as a member of the SPU community on campus. Students, faculty, and staff are issued a Falcon Card. Your Falcon Card is valid upon receipt and will cease to operate on your separation from SPU.


Your Falcon Card is the property of the University and is only for the designated cardholder’s use. It is your responsibility to keep the card in your possession at all times and in good working order.

If you allow another person to use your card as identification, or to access food service or building entrance, both parties are subject to disciplinary action. Your card is a sensitive electronic device and should be properly cared for. Do not punch a hole in your card or alter your picture, name, or ID number.

Lost Card

If you lose your Falcon Card or it is stolen, you must report it immediately by logging into your Falcon Card Account and selecting “I Lost My Card” from the menu so the card can be deactivated. Failure to report your card as lost or stolen may create security risks and result in financial loss to you (e.g., unauthorized access to facilities, unauthorized use of your meal plan, blocks, and Falcon Funds).

The Falcon Card does not offer consumer protection like a credit card. A card that is reported as lost or stolen will be deactivated and can be reactivated if no replacement card is issued. If you locate your lost card after a replacement card has been issued, you are not eligible for a refund of your replacement card cost and your old card cannot be reactivated.

Meal Plan Access

If you participate in a meal plan, your Falcon Card allows you to access your plan at all dining locations including Gwinn Commons Dining Hall, Common Grounds, the Corner Store, Subway, Falcon’s Landing, and Einstein's Bros Bagels. Learn more about meal plans.


Note that Falcon Card Services is not open on weekends to issue new or temporary cards. If you do not have a valid Falcon Card or a temporary card, you are expected to pay cash or use a credit card at dining locations.

Building and Residence Hall Access

Your Falcon Card can be used to access certain campus buildings. The Office of Safety and Security manages all access and grants different levels of access depending on a variety of factors. If you are having access problems it is best to reach out to Safety and Security to verify that your card access permissions are correct.

You may not use your card to provide another person access to SPU buildings, and you may not use someone else’s card to gain access to SPU buildings. To support the security of our campus, report any lost or stolen cards immediately by logging into your Falcon Card Account and selecting “I Lost My Card” from the menu to deactivate your card and its access. If your card is found it can be reactivated (as long as a replacement card has not been issued) by logging into your Falcon Card Account and selecting “I Found My Card” from the menu.

Library Privileges

Your Falcon Card functions as a library card in SPU’s Ames Library. The back of your Falcon Card features a library bar code for checking out books and utilizing library resources. The use of SPU library services is subject to additional policies

Falcon Funds Transactions

Your Falcon Card can be loaded with Falcon Funds, SPU's official campus currency, which can be used to make purchases around campus. Log into your Falcon Card account to add Falcon Funds which creates a declining balance account. Your Falcon Card account not only tracks Falcon Funds but also meal plans (weekly block meal plans, Dining Dollars and block plan usage) and can provide both balances and transaction history information. Transaction reports can also be requested in person from Falcon Card Services.

About Falcon Funds

See the full Terms and Conditions for Falcon Funds.

Falcon Funds are SPU’s official campus currency, which can be used around campus to purchase food at our many dining locations (tax free), or to make non-dining purchases at the SPU Bookstore, Mailing Services, at printers/copiers around campus, in residence hall laundry rooms, at all campus vending machines, and with the Outdoor Recreation Program in the SUB.

Falcon Funds can be added to your card by logging into your Falcon Card account and charging them to your credit card (fees apply) or to your Student Financial Services (SFS) account. Parents, guardians, or other relatives can add Falcon Funds to your card, as well, using a credit card (fees apply).

Falcon Funds are non-transferable. Upon separation from SPU, any remaining Falcon Funds in your account are eligible for a refund. See the full Terms and Conditions for details.

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