What is CityQuest?

CityQuest is a historical University program that has been one of the highlights of the first week of welcome for incoming students at SPU. Though no longer a single day event during Orientation, CityQuest is still engaged in inviting new students to explore the city of Seattle through community involvement. Aligning with the Perkins Center mission and vision of community development, this program provides a deeper experience for students to develop a practice of engagement with the greater Seattle area organizations.

CityQuest 2017

The John Perkins Center works in partnership, both with the classroom through university courses and with Seattle-area nonprofit organizations, so that students can experience serving and learning through the work and role of the organization's relationships within the community.

As a center that helps students engage in growth and discipleship in areas of community development, we hope students will learn ways to continue their involvement with local area organizations throughout the school year.

CityQuest project requests

If your organization would like to host a serve project for SPU students during autumn, winter or spring quarter, contact


Welcome to SPU!

Orientation Weekend is for all incoming students, allowing them to prepare for the year ahead — and have lots of fun!