In Context

What is In Context?

Students, faculty, and staff are invited to participate in this quarterly open-discussion series to talk about race, diversity, and reconciliation.

Finding yourself and learning about others [In] the greater [Context] of history, the Bible, and societal systems.

Join us through discovery, community, and engaging conversations, as we unpack and unveil some realities of race relations, its intersections and impact on our stories.


In Context is a Catalyst ASSP program that meets every quarter for six weeks. There are two to three groups per quarter that meet over a selection of the following content:

  • Deconstruction of Race - This discussion group will learn more about the construct of “race” in America and examine its legacy and relevance in society today.
  • White Privilege - This discussion group will provide an introduction toward understanding the foundations of white privilege and its relevance.

Spring Quarter 2021

Winter Quarter Time: Tuesdays, April 20th-May 18th 5:00-6:30pm

Contact: Patti Fong,, with questions

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Instagram: @spucatalyst 


Sign up for In Context, a 5-week workshop on the history and present reality of racism in our personal and collective stories hosted by Catalyst. Our goal is to foster a safe space for the SPU community to engage in challenging, transformative discussions about race, ethnicity, and justice. It will be hosted Tuesdays, April 20th-May 18th 5:00-6:30pm . Register and learn more at this link

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“...justice is something for which every generation has to strive.”
Dr. John M. Perkins
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Reconciliation Studies

Equip yourself to participate in the work of reconciliation when you add a Reconciliations Studies minor to your given field of study.