How to Sign Up for NSA

Signing up for NSA is required. We need to prepare your records and materials for advising and registration. Choose from Direct Registration, On-Campus NSA, or Phone NSA, as detailed below.

Direct Registration

For Direct Registration, the date of your sign-up and completion of the supplemental survey will affect the timeline for receiving your schedule.

Sign up by this date

to receive your schedule on this date

May 1 

June 1

June 1

July 1

July 1

August 1

August 1

September 1

September 1

September 15

On-Campus Academic Advising

There are deadlines to sign up for each on-campus NSA session, and the session will close once we have reached capacity. To secure your space, be sure to sign up as soon as possible. You will be able to change your sign-up if you need to, as long as there is space available in the session you want to move into.

Sign up by this date

To attend the session on

June 1

Friday, June 23 (group advising)

June 23

Friday, July 7

June 30

Friday, July 14

July 7

Friday, July 21

July 28

Friday, August 11

August 11

Friday, August 25

Phone appointments

Phone appointments are scheduled on an as-available basis upon completion of all tutorial assignments. The NSA office will contact students to schedule appointments. Due to limited availability, priority will be given to those students living 4+ hours away from campus.

Steps to Sign Up

1. Log into Banner and go to the Student Menu > New Student Menu > New Student Advising Sign Up.

2. Submit your $200 advance payment to the Admissions Office.

This establishes your student account, and the funds are applied to your first quarter’s tuition charges. To submit your advance payment, log into Banner and go to the Student Menu > New Student Menu > Advance Tuition Payment. (Submit your advance payment while you're already logged into Banner. It's the same menu!)

3. Submit updated official transcripts for ALL institutions/testing programs from which you’ve received college credit.

To advise you properly, and have you register for appropriate courses, we need to know what coursework you’ve already completed. College-level coursework and credit for standardized exams listed on high school transcripts must be accompanied by official transcripts from the testing organization or post-secondary institutions granting credit in order for those credits to be transferred. Have all materials sent to SPU Undergraduate Admissions, 3307 Third Ave. W., Suite 115, Seattle, WA 98119.

4. Complete the required tutorial assignments and placement tests.

In order to arrive best prepared for advising and registration, familiarize yourself with SPU’s degree requirements and student account processes before you arrive. The tutorial also contains placement tests required for class registration.

Log into Canvas and follow the instructions in the tutorial. As a newly admitted student, you've been enrolled in the "Earning Your Undergraduate Degree" course in Canvas. Access that course for instructions.

  • Students intending to complete majors that require CHM 1211: General Chemistry I; MAT 1234: Calculus I; or MUS 1104: Music Theory I must complete placement tests for these courses prior to NSA. Advising and registration for the first quarter is dependent on the completion of these placement tests.
  • Students who will not fulfill the Foreign Language Competency requirement prior to enrolling at SPU, and who have previously completed foreign language study in an area they wish to continue at SPU, must complete placement tests for these courses prior to NSA. Advising and registration for the first quarter is dependent on the completion of these placement tests.

Admitted for Winter or Spring Quarter? Admitted for Summer?

If you are an incoming student who’s not beginning in the autumn, check out the information about NSA for Non-Autumn Admits.