Dual Degrees 

Dual degree programs: MA in Christian Studies/MFA in creative writing; Master of Divinity/MFA in creative writing

The dual degree Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing/Master of Divinity  (MFA-CW/MDiv) or Master of Fine Arts-Creative Writing/Master of Arts in Christian Studies (MFA-CW/MA) is ideal for students interested in developing excellence in the craft of writing and in deepening their knowledge and practice of the Christian faith. 

If you pursue either of these dual degree options,  you will participate fully in the academy, abbey, and apostolate components of the MDiv or MA in Christian Studies program and in the mentor/apprenticeship model of the MFA program. 

Graduation from both programs equips you to use your informed faith and writing to communicate about God, God’s people, and God’s world. Simultaneous completion of the dual programs allows you to complete 21 fewer credits than you would be required to complete if pursuing the programs separately.

Admission requirements

You must apply for admission separately for the MFA-CW degree program and Seattle Pacific Seminary (either MDiv or MA in Christian Studies), individually complying with admissions requirements for both programs. 

Application deadline

For admission procedures and deadlines for the MFA in Creative Writing and the Seattle Pacific Seminary (MDiv or MA in Christian Studies), visit Graduate Admissions.