Academic Probation

Any graduate student whose cumulative SPU GPA falls below 3.0 shall be placed on academic probation.

  • Students placed on academic probation must contact their program advisor to create a plan to raise the student’s GPA.
  • While on academic probation students may take up to 9 additional credits in the graduate program in which they have been admitted.
  • Failure to bring the cumulative SPU GPA to 3.0 or higher by the completion of the additional 9 credits will result in dismissal from the program and from SPU, at the discretion of the program chair or the governing body of faculty within the student’s department.
  • Students on probation must review their program handbook regarding specific program policies related to academic probation, dismissal, and reinstatement.
  • A graduate student cannot graduate with a cumulative SPU GPA below 3.0.
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