Errors and Omissions

Sustainable Management Minor: People, Planet, and Productivity

Correction: This minor is available to students majoring in any undergraduate degree program, including business programs.

Global Development Studies Major

Correction: This program is an open major, effective Autumn 2022. Students should contact their faculty advisor or academic counselor for more information.

Administrative Withdrawals

Correction: The Office of Student Life has the right to have a student administratively withdrawn for lack of vaccine compliance, per university and state policy.

Nondiscrimination Policy Statement

Correction: This page contains updated contact information for members of the Response Team, as well as necessary updates to the policy statement, including links to current policy.

Enrollment at Other Institutions

Correction: Students may complete no more than 30 credits from other institutions once matriculated at SPU, except through approved study abroad programs or visitor programs. A previous version of the Catalog incorrectly listed this number as 20. 

Senior Citizen Program

Correction: The deadline to register in a given term is the fifth day of the quarter for participants in the senior citizen program.

Corrections of errors and omissions are effective immediately. Additional noted clarifications for the 2022–23 Undergraduate Catalog will be added to this official page upon the Registrar’s Office or Provost’s Office being notified regarding discrepancies.