Teaching and Learning (BM)


The BM in Teaching and Learning is a degree conferred to students who complete a professional program in music. This major is designed to prepare you for a career in music and education industries including — but not limited to — nonprofits, community music ensembles, curriculum development, pedagogy, public schools, private schools, and state and national educational agencies.

This degree meets local, state, and national needs in the fields of music and education. It also responds to students’ needs to earn a four-year degree that focuses on teaching and learning through music, but does not require certification. The Bachelor of Music in Teaching and Learning broadens opportunities associated with a degree in music and education and provides greater professional flexibility upon graduation.

  • A minimum 119 credits are required, including 37 upper-division credits.
  • You must fulfill the requirements for the Music degree, including ensemble experiences.
  • Piano and guitar proficiency are required.
  • A recital (30–45 minutes) including both your primary and secondary instruments is required.
  • Once admitted to the major, you should maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Entering and completing the Teaching and Learning (BM) major

In order to earn a degree, you must complete at least one academic major. SPU encourages students to explore various academic paths, so if you change your mind about a major or minor, or want to include an additional program, you are able to do so, as outlined below.

Note that the University encourages you to enter your chosen major(s) and minor(s) by the start of your junior year. Students who transfer as juniors and seniors should enter a major within their first two quarters at SPU.

  • If this is your first quarter at SPU and you identified the BM Teaching and Learning major as your first choice on your application for admission to the University, you have gained entry to the major. To change or add a major or minor, follow these instructions.
  • If you are an SPU student with an SPU cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better, follow these instructions to enter a major or minor in this department.
  • Students on academic probation (with an SPU cumulative GPA below 2.0) will not be permitted to enter a new major or minor until they regain good academic standing.
  • The University requires a grade of C- or better in all classes that apply to a major or minor; however, programs may require higher minimum grades in specific courses. You may repeat an SPU course only once for a higher grade.
  • To advance in this program, meet with your faculty advisor regularly to discuss your grades, course progression, and other indicators of satisfactory academic progress. If your grades or other factors indicate that you may not be able to successfully complete the major or minor, your faculty advisor can work with you to explore options, which may include choosing a different major or minor.
  • You must complete the major or minor requirements that are in effect in the SPU Undergraduate Catalog for the year you enter the major or minor.

Teacher Certification

For students interested in teaching in public schools, Washington state Teacher Certification can be completed through the graduate teacher preparation program in the School of Education, including Alternative Route to Certification, Accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching, and Master of Teaching.

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