Who We Are

The School of Business, Government, and Economics offers majors in Business Administration; Accounting; Economics; Global Development Studies; Political Science; and Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

We also offer minors in Business Administration, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Geopolitics, and Political Science.

Our Mission

Deeply grounded in Christian faith and values, we develop leaders who advance human flourishing through service in business, government, and civil society.

Learning Outcomes

Competence: SBGE graduates will be able to articulate discipline specific knowledge and apply skills essential for service and leadership.

Character: SBGE graduates will embody personal and professional integrity by serving the public good in doing what is right and doing so with an awareness of consequences.

Community: SBGE graduates will cultivate a life of friendship, civility and community through responsible discourse and respect for each other.Copy here about the learning outcomes for this academic program.

For more learning outcomes, visit the School’s Economics website.