Who We Are

The Art Department offers students six majors: Art (emphasis in Photography); Art (emphasis in Studio Arts); Art (emphasis in Visual Arts); Art History and Visual Studies; Illustration; and Visual Communications.

We offer 4 minors: Art History and Visual Studies; Studio (emphasis in 2-D Media); Studio (emphasis in 3-D Media); and Studio (emphasis in Digital Media).

We offer three interdisciplinary majors: Film Studies; Integrated Studies: The Arts; and Social Justice & Cultural Studies: Art for Social Change.

We offer three interdisciplinary minors: Information Studies (emphasis in Visual Communications); Information Studies (emphasis in Art History and Visual Studies); and Interactive Computing and Art. 

Our Mission

From tactile to technical mediums, students learn the elements and principles of the visual arts and communication. Critical thinking skills are also developed, equipping graduates to view their work in a broader historical, cultural and spiritual context. Graduates of our program are prepared to begin advanced study or work professionally in art and design.

Learning Outcomes

For students both during the time in the program and after graduation, the Art Department’s goals for them include:

  1. Ability to utilize the fundamental elements and principles of design.  
  2. Skill in the use of various traditional and experimental media employed in each discipline.  
  3. Ability to make art, design and scholarship that engages contemporary cultural and aesthetic concepts.  
  4. Knowledge of the historical development and cultural contexts of diverse art and design forms.  
  5. Ability to explore art and design as an expression of faith.  
  6. Development of the skills, awareness and knowledge base necessary for professional work or advanced study.  
  7. Application of artistic and design training in a wide variety of contexts across campus in the community and in the culture-at-large.