Who We Are

Our faculty care deeply about issues of social injustice and equality. In response, the Social Justice and Cultural Studies major fosters global and intercultural competencies and knowledge necessary to further function, engage, and lead effectively in today’s complex society.

Our Mission

Aspiring to cultivate students with global and intercultural competency, this major offers effective strategies to understand and change the world. In order to prepare students for future careers, this interdisciplinary major has four tracks to help student navigate their vocations. Reflecting the vision for change at Seattle Pacific University, our major utilizes innovative pedagogical practices, technological tools, and program structure to provide an effective, efficient, and accessible student-learning experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Articulate an understanding of the dynamics of power, history, and representation that form culture and produce patterns of inequality.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of how culture informs social, communal, and personal identities and relationships.
  • Develop an understanding of the links between cultural ideologies, social institutions, and everyday practices.
  • Address issues of inequity with aesthetic presentations and/or develop skills to implement policies and practices of social justice.
  • Ask complex questions about gender, race, class, faith, and/or power.