EDU 2600: Statistics Unleashed: Application in Education and other fields (2018-2019)

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Prerequisite: Mathematics Placement Level B or MAT 0145. This is an introductory statistics course which emphasizes understanding/applying statistical concepts/procedures. It will include visual/quantitative methods for presenting/analyzing data, common descriptive indices for univariate/bivariate data and some inferential techniques. It is designed to help provide students a modern approach to data collection, prediction, and scientific inference developed from research-based pedagogical principles. Major topics to be covered in the course include: Monte Carlo simulation methods to model chance variation; randomization and bootstrap methods for comparing groups; and the use and evaluation of models for estimation. Upon completion of this introductory course, students should have an understanding of the foundational concepts of data, variation and inference, as well as an appreciation for the fundamental role that statistics plays in a host of disciplines.

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5 Not offered this academic year.
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Attributes: WK Quantitative Reasoning
Grade Modes: Normal Grading, Audit
Instructional Methods: Arranged, Traditional