NUR 3111: Health and Illness 1: Practicum (2023-2024)

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This course provides introductory experiences in the application of foundational Person-Biophysical and Person-Psychosocial concepts of health and illness to meet basic needs of individuals across the lifespan. Emphasis will be on the development of practical skills, including assessment of basic needs, nursing care to meet basic needs, and safe practice for medication administration. Students will demonstrate foundational elements of the nurse’s role and the nursing process in the provision of nursing care in a variety of on-site and off-site settings. Clinicals may be scheduled between Monday-Saturday. Typically offered: Autumn, Winter, Spring. Fee(s): Clinical Placement Fee, Nursing Fee, SHS Clinical Doc. Mgmt. Fee, Skills Lab Fee, Up-to-Date program for nurses

Term CRN Credits Instructor(s) Days Time Dates Location Open
Autumn 556 2 Cindy Dong
Bomin Shim
Joan McDonagh
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Fees: Skills Lab Fee: $200 Nursing Fee: $80/cr Clinical Placement Fee: $110 Up-to-Date program for nurses: $15 SHS Clinical Doc. Mgmt. Fee: $60
Restrictions: Nursing majors only. Doctoral, Graduate are excluded.
Approval: Department Coordinator
Corequisites: NUR 3112, NUR 3116, NUR 3110, NUR 3113, NUR 3114
Crosslisted with: NUR 3111 CRN: 1417, NUR 3111 CRN: 597
Attributes: Upper-Division
Grade Modes: (Default) Pass/No Credit with N
Instructional Methods: Traditional
Note: Extended Deadline