THEO 3210: Four Gospels and One Jesus (2023-2024)

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This course is intentionally designed to be an introduction to biblical studies for students seeking to go deeper with what they learned in UFDN 2000. In it students will learn how to utilize the various tools and methodologies of academic biblical study to explore the history, literature and theology of the four canonical gospels. Typically Offered: Winter.

Term CRN Credits Instructor(s) Days Time Dates Location Open
Spring 41452 5 Chakrita Saulina
9:00AM-10:20 AM
Bertona 6
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Attributes: Upper-Division, Honors Course, Writing "W" Course
Grade Modes: (Default) Normal Grading, Audit
Instructional Methods: Traditional
Note: Full Term

UFDN 2000: D or better
OR UFDN 3001: D or better