Department Chairs and Program Leads

College of Arts and Sciences

Karen Gutowski-
Communication, Journalism, and Film

Bill Purcell

Todd Rendleman

Mark Walhout

Becky Hughes
Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics

Michelle Beauclair
Master of Fine Arts

Scott Cairns

Brian Chin (on sabbatical until Spring 2022;
interim chairs: Ryan Ellis, Chérie Hughes)


Rebekah Rice

Rick Lorig

Cara Wall-Scheffler
Jenny Tenlen

Karisa Pierce
Engineering and Computer Science Director

Melani Plett
Computer Science & Computer Engineering

Carlos Arias
Electrical Engineering

Melani Plett
Mechanical Engineering & General Engineering

Dan Keene
Family and Consumer Sciences

Sharleen Kato

John Hossler

Kara Gray
John Lindberg
Lane Seeley

Jennifer McKinney
Kevin Neuhouser
Business, Government, and Economics
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Kim Sawers
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Gary Karns
Director of Center for Global Curriculum Studies

Arthur Ellis
Director of Undergraduate Teacher Education

Krystle Jalalian-Chursky (Interim)
Director of Field Placements

Emily Huff
Special Education

Jorge Preciado
Assistant Dean for Education (Certification)

Pete Renn
Assistant Dean for Education (Graduate)

Scott Beers
Counselor Education

Charles Gressard (Interim)
Educational Leadership

John Bond
Teaching, Learning, & Leadership

Dan Bishop (interim)
Literacy, Language, & Equity

Kris Gritter
Director of Graduate Teacher Education

Jill Heiney-Smith
Digital Educational Leadership

David Wicks
Program Manager of the
Center for Professional Education

Jenn Brown
Director of Targeted School & Community Partnerships

Greg Fritzberg
Director of Doctoral Program

Munyi Shea
Curriculum and Instruction/ELL and Bilingual Education

Grace Blum
General Education
Director of General Education

Andrew Ryder
Director of Campus Writing

Traynor Hansen
Director of Honors Program

Chris Chaney
Health Sciences
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Nursing

Erla Champ-Gibson
Associate Dean for Graduate Nursing

Chair, Health and Human Performance

Dale Cannavan
Psychology, Family, and Community
Associate Dean for Research, SPFC

Lynette Bikos
Undergraduate, Psychology Chair

Baine Craft
Graduate, Clinical Psychology Chair

Jacob Bentley
Graduate, Industrial/Organizational Psychology Chair

Paul Yost
Graduate, Marriage and Family Therapy Chair

Peter Rivera
Graduate, Medical Family Therapy Director

Anne Prouty
Graduate, Research Psychology Chair

Baine Craft
Director of Research, Research Psychology Bethany Hoff
Director of Practicum, Clinical Psychology

Joel Jin
Director of Internship, Clinical Psychology

Thane Erickson
Director of Research, Clinical Psychology

Keyne Law
Director of Applied Learning and Development, 
Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Paul Yost
Director of Research,
Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Jorge Lumbreras
Director of Practicum,
Marriage and Family Therapy

Hee-Sun Cheon
Director of Internship,
Marriage and Family Therapy

Peter Rivera
Director of Internship, Undergraduate Psychology

Marcia Webb
Director of Research, Undergraduate Psychology

Brittany Tausen
Director of Laboratories, SPFC Baine Craft
Associate Dean, Academic Programs

Dave Nienhuis
Associate Dean, Seminary Administration

Derick Harris
Ministry and Practical Theology

Mike Langford

Sara Koenig
Theological Studies

Daniel Castelo

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