Application Process

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) approves and submits all academic grant applications.


At least three weeks before the application deadline:

1. Discuss your plan to submit a grant proposal with your dean or dean’s representative (i.e., chair or asst./assoc. dean).

2. Complete OSP’s Intent-to-submit form, obtain approval and electronic signatures from your dean and dean’s representative, and submit the form to OSP. 

  • Please notify OSP of any requested support — proofreading, guidance on compliance, or SPU general information — at the time you send the Intent to submit form.
  • Once OSP receives your intent to submit, we will open a file for you on the SharePoint site under grant development. All materials should be dropped into your Sharepoint file to avoid excess email chains.

3. Set up a kick-off meeting with OSP by emailing to discuss and establish:

  • A checklist of required documents
  • An internal timeline
  • Any required support from OSP (i.e., proofreading, guidance on compliance, data requests)

4. Write the proposal narrative and prepare the project budget. Templates and budgetary support are found on the FLO/ OSP website.

5. Request budget prep support from your department budget manager or the Finance Office.

  • Note: If your budget is larger ($500,000+) or complicated (many budget items, several personnel, subawards, independent contractors, etc.), it is advisable to start budget conversations earlier than two weeks before the deadline.

At least two weeks before the granting agency deadline:

6. Send Finance your first draft of the budget and narrative.

At least seven business days before the external deadline:

7. Send Finance your final draft (narrative and budget) for review and approval.

8. Complete “Responsible Conduct in Research” and/or “Protecting Human Subjects” training, if you haven’t taken it within the past five years. This is required before OSP can submit your application.

No later than 10 a.m of the day before the granting agency due date:

9. Deposit via Sharepoint all sections of your application, including your approved budget.

  • If the due date is a Monday, we must receive all grant application materials by 10 a.m. on the prior Friday.
  • OSP will not guarantee that we will be able to submit your grant application by the agency’s deadline if we do not receive all materials by 10 a.m. the day prior to the deadline.

After submission:

10. Notify OSP if you receive any correspondence from the funder (i.e., status updates, requests for revision, declinations, award notifications, etc.)

11. Forward all grant related correspondence to OSP. We will place it in your grant file.


For further assistance, contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at