New majors and minors at Seattle Pacific

Pursue a career in a high-demand field with one of our new programs. From criminal justice to mechanical engineering, you will receive expert faculty instruction in a wide variety of fields — no matter your path.

Criminal Justice
Majoring in Criminal Justice prepares students to examine policing, courts, and corrections, and how they are shaped by society, race, class, and gender. Students will be equipped to help their community reach justice and reconciliation goals.

Film Studies
A Film Studies minor unites Seattle Pacific’s liberal arts tradition with a focus on film history and art. Students who minor in Film Studies will possess a range of skills that prepares them for success in many professions, especially ones that involve critical thinking, writing, and visual literacy. The minor complements any number of majors and is also solid preparation for graduate study.

Information Studies
Information Studies examines the dynamic relationships between information, technology, and people. This minor examines the creation and use of information and digital technologies and prepares students to thrive academically, professionally, and spiritually in our information-rich and digitally-networked world.

Leadership Studies
The Leadership Studies minor offers students an opportunity to explore a holistic view of leadership within various disciplines.

Life Sciences
The Life Science major is designed for students with a general interest in the biological sciences. This degree provides flexibility for those who want to focus on particular areas of biology that may complement other career options.

Mechanical Engineering
With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, students will be ready to address global problems with engineering solutions, working on either thermal or mechanical systems. Mechanical engineers apply hands-on physics to model, analyze, and design mechanical and energy systems such as automobiles, aircraft, ships, heating and cooling systems, prosthetics, robots, household appliances, or industrial equipment and machinery.

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics
Modeled after a program at Oxford University, this major offers classes which study human values, cultural institutions, and economics in order to develop solutions to pressing social problems.

Social Justice and Cultural Studies
As a Social Justice and Cultural Studies major, students will be able to articulate an understanding of the dynamics of power, history, and representation that form culture and produce patterns of inequity. This awareness is critical for engaging and networking within our intercultural society and creating a foundation to develop their career in a changing world.

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Posted: Sunday, September 08, 2019