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  • Rick Newell '93 shares his journey through personal struggles and being called by God to "wake up" and move to Seattle, where he founded a unique mentoring program. Listen or read the transcript.

    Jan 14, 2022

    Rick Newell '93 shares his journey through personal struggles early on in his tech career. After hitting rock bottom, he felt called by God to "wake up," and moved to Seattle where he began working at the Rotary Boys & Girls Club in the Central District. Through his interactions with young men at the Club, he saw the hardships they had to overcome and came to firmly believe in the need for positive, near-peer, male role models. He founded the Mentoring Urban Students & Teens (MUST) mentoring program, which incrementally adds youth and mentors, and adapts based on feedback from those who were being served. Now, he's on to a new project supporting children and teens in foster care.

  • Wondered whether seminary was for you? Seattle Pacific Seminary invites you to explore your calling and vocation on Feb. 2 or 3, in person or virtually.

    Jan 7, 2022

    Discernment Days offers teaching, prayer, discussion, and thoughtful challenge with Seattle Pacific Seminary faculty, along with others who are considering seminary.

  • SPU will resume in person classes on Monday, Jan. 10. Campus offices, residence halls, and dining services remain open.

    Jan 5, 2022

    (Excerpt from an email sent to the SPU campus community on 01/05/22 by the SPU COVID-19 Decision Group.) 

    In considering the data available and the different options for our campus, Seattle Pacific University has decided to resume having classes in person starting on Jan. 10, 2022.

    We realize there may be a range of health issues related to COVID-19, influenza, or other causes, so we anticipate that faculty will be working with students on individual circumstances. Seattle Pacific will continue to monitor federal, state, and county guidance, especially with any focus on higher education, and we will also continue to review health and safety recommendations.

    Currently, SPU requires students and employees to be fully vaccinated or to have an approved exemption. We strongly recommend that all community members receive a COVID-19 booster shot and take a COVID-19 test prior to returning to campus...

    In addition we are utilizing campus spaces with high air exchange and filtration, and we continue to require face coverings and social distancing in public spaces. Please see the current campus protocols for COVID-19 (including rules regarding face coverings), at the COVID-19 Health and Safety Expectations web page.

  • "We are not a charity, we are a support system." Alumna Allie Roth talks about the foundation she started for foster children and their families.

    Dec 22, 2021

    With Love’s story began in 2013 when alumna Allie Roth discovered that one of her elementary students, April (not her real name), had lived in three different foster homes in as many months. Allie was compelled to help find clothing and school supplies for both April and her younger sister, Mary, but quickly grew discouraged after realizing that outside resources for underage kids, ages 0 to 6, were really hard to find.

    Seeing a need to bridge the gap between foster families and their communities, Allie founded With Love out of her house. Within six months, she and a group of friends had provided more than 20 families with the vital items needed to care for a child. Today, With Love provides 120 Portland foster families each month with necessary resources, such as diapers, blankets, books, and sunscreen.

    Listen to her story on the SPU Stories podcast.

  • For the 11th year in a row, SPU receives the NCAA Presidents' Award for Academic Excellence, recognizing a four-year academic success rate of 90 percent or higher among Falcon athletes.

    Dec 16, 2021

    For the 11th year in a row, SPU has been presented with the NCAA Presidents' Award for Academic Excellence. The award recognizes a four-year academic success rate (ASR) of 90 percent or higher.

    For the most recent four-year period, Seattle Pacific's ASR was 95 percent. As defined by the award's eligibility standards, that means 95 percent of all Falcon student-athletes from the 2011-14 cohort graduated within six years of initial enrollment.

    "To say that we are proud of receiving this recognition again does not accurately nor fully capture the sentiment," SPU athletic director Jackson Stave said. "To be recognized again as an institution and department that consistently lives out our mission of academic excellence is both exciting, but also a testament to our students, coaches, faculty, and staff at Seattle Pacific. This is not an easy bar to reach, and without the work and support of so many on campus this would not be achievable."

    Full press release.

Dr. Christopher Jones and a young patient

Holistic Health Care in the Rainier Valley

Dr. Christopher Jones ’94 hopes the families in his medical practice never need to ask: “Is my kid sick enough that I should pay for a doctor’s visit?” Medical director of HopeCentral, a nonprofit health center, he and his team have adapted the concept of concierge medicine to a diverse Seattle neighborhood.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy Leland Saunders

What Makes Us Moral?

Assistant Professor of Philosophy Leland Saunders earned a $10,100 Graves Award in Humanities for his research project, “The Structure of Moral Judgement: Philosophical Perspectives.” His research responds to recent arguments that human beings’ concepts of morality are just a quirk of evolution and don't connect to anything deeper.