Seattle Pacific University announces plans for Autumn Quarter

Autumn Quarter 2020 at Seattle Pacific University will begin and end two weeks early and include a hybrid format of in-person classes and remote learning.

In an email to the SPU community last week, President Dan Martin announced that Autumn Quarter will begin Monday, September 14, two weeks earlier than the previous start of classes on September 28. The quarter will end on Tuesday, November 24, which is before the standard Thanksgiving break. Martin explained that this shift “is designed to minimize on-campus presence and operations during the late fall months and also helps mitigate the concerns of students traveling over holiday break and then returning.” The hybrid format for classes includes online lectures combined with smaller in-person instruction, especially those courses involving undergraduate research, experiential, and/or hands-on learning. Residence halls will remain open, and staff will have training on COVID-19 preparedness.

Martin emphasized that faculty and staff “remain highly committed to excellence in teaching, students’ holistic formation, and cultivating close community.” Spring Quarter, which ends June 11, is being offered remotely. Virtual Commencement ceremonies for undergraduate and graduates will be held June 13-14, 2020.

Posted: Thursday, June 4, 2020