SPU starts master planning process

Seattle Pacific University has commenced a master planning process with the city of Seattle. The Major Institution Master Plan (MIMP) will embody the University’s vision for growth over the next 20 years or more. The plan will contain development zoning standards designed to accommodate its growth and mitigate negative impacts of growth on the neighborhood. The process began with the University’s application and submittal of its Concept Plan in July 2020, outlining the University’s initial campus plan concept. It is intended to start a discussion regarding the preliminary draft master plan. 

A new MIMP will identify the best opportunities to maintain and improve SPU’s exceptional learning environment by adjusting existing academic and support-related spaces while accommodating growth as a respectful member of the Queen Anne neighborhood.

The city of Seattle appointed a Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) to advise the city and assist the University in drafting the new master plan. CAC meetings are currently held virtually on the first Tuesday of each month, with public access links posted to the Department of Neighborhoods website. (November’s meeting will take place on November 5 to avoid conflicting with election day.) The CAC met in August for an initial orientation and in September and October to discuss the Concept Plan. The November meeting should complete the CAC discussion of the Concept Plan.

Parallel with the CAC process and plan drafting, the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) will conduct an environmental review of the master plan. SDCI will soon issue a State Environmental Policy Act Scoping Notice identifying one or more elements of the environment to study in an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The scoping process is the beginning of the public’s opportunity to participate in the master planning process and in environmental review. Although SDCI has opted not to hold a scoping meeting, SDCI welcomes written public comment regarding scoping. Every CAC meeting includes an opportunity for public comment, which can be submitted to the committee in writing at least 24 hours in advance of each meeting or within seven days after the meeting to the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Maureen Sheehan at maureen.sheehan@seattle.gov. The December meeting will likely be the CAC’s first opportunity to discuss scoping, after which the CAC will submit its own public comment.

The public is invited to attend CAC meetings to learn more about SPU’s master plan, EIS, and appropriate mitigation. For more information about the CAC process, contact Maureen Sheehan with Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. For more information about the SPU MIMP process, visit the University’s Master Planning web page or contact the University at 206-281-2828 or neighbor-relations@spu.edu.

Posted: Thursday, October 15, 2020