Master Planning

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Major Institution Master Plan (MIMP)

In August 2019, Seattle Pacific University filed a letter of intent with the City of Seattle to begin the process of developing a new Major Institution Master Plan (MIMP). In the City of Seattle, MIMPs lay out unique, institution-specific zoning rules for each of Seattle’s hospitals and universities. The intent of a MIMP is "to balance the needs of the Major Institutions to develop facilities for the provision of health care or educational services with the need to minimize the impact of Major Institution development on surrounding neighborhoods." (SMC 23.69.025) Developing and adopting a new MIMP is anticipated to take approximately two years. 

In March 2020, the Seattle City Council appointed a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) of local residents, property and business owners, and members of various community organizations to assist Seattle Pacific in its master planning process. The primary goals of the CAC are to:

  1. Promote a balance between the needs for institutional growth and stability and the needs to protect the livability of the surrounding community from the impacts of institutional growth
  2. Provide a forum for community involvement in the development of the master plan
  3. Assist the City of Seattle and SPU in the promotion of a positive and cooperative relationship between the University and surrounding neighborhoods

The CAC is scheduled to meet the first Tuesday of every month beginning September 1, 2020. These meetings are open to the public. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, meetings are currently held virtually. Access links to each meeting are posted in advance by the Department of Neighborhoods. For more information about the CAC process, please contact Maureen Sheehan with Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. For more information about the SPU MIMP process, please contact the University at (206) 281-2828 or

Required MIMP Process Documents

Concept Plan (July 2020) 

The University has applied for a land use permit for its new MIMP. The City-assigned record number for this permit application is 3034588-LU. 

Adopted MIMP

Following an almost two-year process, SPU’s current MIMP was adopted in August 2000 and approved by the Seattle City Council shortly thereafter. The August 2000 Adopted MIMP (PDF) remains in effect until a new MIMP is adopted. Developing and adopting a new MIMP is anticipated to take approximately two years.

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Neighbor relations

SPU is committed to being a good neighbor! If you have a question, concern, or suggestion, call the SPU Community Input Hotline at 206-281-2828 or send an email to

To reach the University to report an emergency situation, contact the Office of Safety and Security at 206-281-2911.