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SPU's garden

Outdoor opportunities

Students have an opportunity to participate in SPU’s sustainability efforts in several ways. Here are just some examples to get students started.

Blakely Island field station

Blakely Island Field StationSPU owns 1,000 acres of Blakely Island, the sixth largest island in the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound and largely self-sustaining. On Blakely, SPU students can take courses in astronomy, biology, ecology, education, and psychology courses.

Two female SPU students gardening in the community garden

Community Garden: Started in 2010 by undergraduate students, this garden is maintained by S.P.A.C.E (Seattle Pacific Agriculture for the Community and Environment) Club. The garden also benefits from a partnership with SPU’s School of Theology to help raise awareness around the topics of ecotheology and food justice.

an SPU student hiking in the mountains

Outdoor Recreation Program: ORP is a service of Associate Students of Seattle Pacific; it connects students to outdoor activities by offering gear rentals (e.g., snowshoes, yoga mats, spikeball sets) and outdoor-related programs during the academic year.

Academic options

Creation Care and Sustainability subject guide

Created to support the 2018 Day of Common Learning: Creation Care and Sustainability, the SPU Library created the Creation Care and Sustainability Subject Guide with resources such as highlighted books, interviews with keynote speaker A.J. Swoboda, and biblical studies.

Undergraduate sustainability academic programs* 


  • BIO 1103 Applied Biology - Sustainability and Science 
  • BIO 3310 Ecology 
  • BIO 4810 Marine Ecology 
  • BIO 4815 Aquatic Ecology 
  • BIO 4825 Forest Ecology 
  • BIO 4830 Ecological Restoration Workshop 
  • BIO 4835 Conservation Biology 
  • BUS 2500 Integrated Topics: Climate Change 
  • BUS 3680 Social Enterprise 
  • BUS 3682 Social Venture Planning 
  • ECN 2500 Integrated Topics: Climate Change 
  • ECN 3500 Environmental Economics 
  • ECN 3811 Microeconomics of Development: Community Development 
  • EGR 3611 Appropriate and Sustainable Engineering I: Alternative Energy Systems 
  • EGR 3612 Appropriate and Sustainable Engineering II 
  • EGR 3614 Appropriate and Sustainable Engineering III 
  • FCS 1710 Global Impacts of Design 
  • FCS 3100 Sustainable Food Production 
  • FCS 4730 Sustainability and Materials  
  • GDEV 2000 Introduction to Global Development 
  • HIS 2800 The Modern City in History 
  • PHI 2222 Social Ethics 
  • PHY 1142 Earth System Science 
  • PHY 1143 Topics in Global Climate 
  • PHY 3011 Global Climate Change: Scientific, Social, and Moral Implications 
  • POL 2500 Integrated Topics: Climate Change 
  • SOC 2531 Globalization and Urban Livability 
  • UCOL 1000 Food Insecurity and Hunger 
  • USCH 1114 Globalization 
  • URB 2800 The Modern City in History 
  • URB 3100 Introduction to Urban Planning

*Check the current Undergraduate Catalog and Time Schedule for the latest information about courses addressing issues in sustainability.

Succulents on SPU

Arnett Hall’s green roof

Explore SPU’s newest residence hall’s cutting-edge green roof, blending architecture with nature.

The white poplar tree on SPU

Quick fact: SPU trees

Tiffany Loop’s majestic trees are noted in Arthur Lee Jacobson’s book Trees of Seattle.