Illustration of a person giving a presentation on sustainability

Academic options — most careers can support sustainability

Minors that can be applied to all majors —

Specialized Majors/minors/tracks

Outdoor opportunities

Students have an opportunity to participate in SPU’s sustainability efforts in several ways. Here are just some examples to get students started.

Blakely Island field station

Blakely Island Field Station ExperienceSPU owns 1,000 acres and a largely self-sustaining field station. Students can take courses in astronomy, biology, ecology, education, and psychology courses.

an SPU student hiking in the mountains

Outdoor Recreation Program: ORP is a service of Associate Students of Seattle Pacific; it connects students to outdoor activities by offering gear rentals (e.g., snowshoes, yoga mats, spikeball sets) and outdoor-related programs during the academic year.

Aerial view of Camp Casey

Camp Casey: A great place for friends and family gatherings.

Two birds from the Galapagos Islands

Study Abroad: Our Study Abroad programs offer biology and ecology courses.