Tent City 3 Moves to SPU

Tent City 3 (TC3) comes to Seattle Pacific University on Saturday, January 21, for a nine-week stay. TC3 will be located on Wallace Field, east of Royal Brougham Pavilion on West Nickerson Street, from January 21 to March 24. This will be the first time SPU has hosted the group.

Even before they arrive on campus, SPU students, faculty, and staff, along with 27 local churches and organizations, have already lined up to welcome and serve the new neighbors.

Some of the SPU community projects include:

Weekly forums on homelessness and poverty.
Nursing faculty members and students will host weekly clinics to provide basic health care, education, and referrals.
Sociology professors and students are working on several projects, including a research survey on perceptions of homelessness.
Two basketball home games will have sock and blanket drives.
SPU’s Campus Dining services will deliver daily leftovers.

SPU’s website for the TC3 visit

Hosting TC3 will provide the SPU community a rare opportunity to directly serve, and learn from, almost 100 homeless men and women in Seattle.

Posted: Saturday, January 21, 2012