Seattle Pacific University lowers tuition by 25 percent

Beginning autumn 2021, Seattle Pacific University will reduce the undergraduate tuition rate by 25%, restructure scholarships, and cap future tuition rate increases in an effort to attract more students to the nationally ranked private institution. The initiative, a result of extensive planning, research, and budget stewardship, makes SPU one of the first institutions in the Pacific Northwest to significantly lower the cost of tuition.

With the tuition rate reduction, the university will also cap future undergraduate tuition rate increases to no more than 4% annually (SPU has averaged 5% increases) for students enrolling in autumn 2021, and offer substantive scholarships that address financial need, faith, and academic merit. The initiative’s goal is to not only make Seattle Pacific more accessible to students, but help them better navigate and budget for a college education.

"We are proud to be able to offer this now, particularly in a time in our nation when many families are facing increased financial pressures and economic uncertainty," said SPU President Dan Martin. “Our Board of Trustees encouraged us to give students and their families greater opportunities to enroll at SPU and meet their educational dreams.”

The current SPU tuition for undergraduate students is $46,728 per year. For students applying for Autumn Quarter 2021, tuition will be $35,100, a 25% reduction in the full tuition price and before financial aid. (Currently, 95% of SPU students receive some form of financial aid.)

“We know from our own research that rising costs are a consistent barrier to students accessing the college of their choice,” says Nate Mouttet, SPU’s vice president for enrollment management and marketing. “And we also know that future students see tuition as a barrier to consideration of private colleges in general, and Christian colleges specifically, and often don’t make it through the financial aid process.”

Current students will also benefit from this initiative for their remaining years at SPU, and all students, including seniors, will receive one free additional course (up to five credits) after graduation. The university is able to offer this initiative without impacting current expenses through careful budget stewardship and a strong student retention rate as well as meeting student enrollment goals for the year.

“We want to ‘reimagine our price’ if you will, to provide access and opportunity to students who might not see attending a nationally ranked, private university as a possibility,” said SPU President Dan Martin.

Posted: Tuesday, September 22, 2020