About the Communication and Journalism Department

About the Communication and Journalism Department

If you are interested in learning the art and discipline of communicating well — not just for its own sake but for the sake of making a positive difference in the world in whatever path you follow — the Communication and Journalism Department at Seattle Pacific offers you major and minor programs known for their academic rigor and excellence, with professors who are renowned scholars and committed Christians who know you by name.

A History of Excellence

Communication and Journalism Department faculty are not only experts in their field, but also gifted educators who are personally involved in the learning and lives of you, their students.

Members of our faculty are well known throughout the region as professional educators and communicators. SPU’s urban location offers you many outstanding opportunities for internships in corporations, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, churches, and more.

A Variety of Offerings

The Communication and Journalism Department offers you one major with an emphasis in either Communication Studies or Journalism, and two minors. While many students choose Communication or Journalism for the purpose of a communication or journalism career, others move on to careers or graduate degrees that are not strictly communication or journalism related.

Our Mission Statement

“The Department of Communication and Journalism prepares graduates of competence and character, who understand communication as a social, intellectual, ethical, and artistic process and who engage in communication and journalism as a responsible human behavior.”