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The Communication and Journalism Department offers two minors — Communication and Journalism — that can enrich and complement your chosen major in many ways. Regardless of your major, a minor in either Communication or Journalism provides you with opportunities to explore your personal values, develop your personal communication skills, and acquire techniques of insight and critical reasoning to strengthen your performance in whatever major you might choose.

Communication Minor

A minor in Communication will expose you to a sizable body of literature, theory, and historical study — leading you to develop an informed perspective of the role of communication as a social, spiritual, and artistic institution. The experience will allow you to explore and develop yourself both as an individual and as a writer or speaker. 

Core courses you will take include “Introduction to Interpersonal Communication,” “Public Speaking,” and “Theories of Communication.” Elective courses include “Media Law” and “Convergence Journalism.”

Journalism Minor

When you minor in Journalism, you will learn to use your communication gifts as you explore the realm of journalism and develop as an individual and as a writer or speaker. 

Core courses you will take include “Media Writing,” “Reporting and Storytelling,” “Editing and Design,” and “The Public and the Media.” Elective courses range from “Advertising” to Conflict Management” to “A World on Film.” You will also choose from several student media internships.

Celina Kituku

Celina Kituku

“At SPU, I have learned more about Scripture and faith than I ever would have imagined. Not only have I learned from the actual Bible classes, but I have also learned by watching my other professors teach with their faith intertwined with the class material.”