Celina Kituku

As I was struggling to find a major, I noticed that all the classes I excelled in were Communication classes. I wanted to find a way to constructively use my passions and talents to do something positive. 

I came to realize that what I wanted in life, and what would be best for me, would be to pursue a Communication degree. 

So I switched majors and have never been happier; I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be. The professors are fantastic; they have helped me through the class work and supported my decision to major in Communication.

My parents were also very supportive of my choice of major. I have always known I wanted to be involved in something that involved a lot of talking and other ways of communicating. I didn’t want to be stuck at a desk all day without the presence of other people. When I told my parents, they weren’t surprised. I love to talk and to tell stories, and they knew I would fit in just fine.

After graduation, I plan to go into public relations. I would love to work in the entertainment industry and specialize in social media marketing.

At SPU, I have learned more about Scripture and faith than I ever would have imagined. Not only have I learned from the actual Bible classes, but I have also learned by watching my other professors teach with their faith intertwined with the class material. It has been just amazing to learn with the presence of God always in the classroom.

The Communication program is structured to help students find their passion in all areas of communication. I felt that I was well attended to, and I have really enjoyed the material we use in class. A lot of communication classes involve participation, and that has really helped me connect with the material and get a grasp on the information presented to us.

I’ve had a great time in my Communication classes. I’ve made some great friends in the program, and with them I’ve had moments I will remember for the rest of my life. The program has allowed me to meet many new people, and I am so grateful to have made new friends within my major.

The professors in the Communication and Journalism Department are amazing! Bill Purcell, Debbie Pope, and Rick Jackson stand out to me, but all of the professors are kind and willing to go the extra mile to help students. They are wonderful and caring, and I wouldn’t have made it through the last couple years without them.

Nate Kaldor

Nate Kaldor

“While I grew up Christian and went to ministry school, I feel I have still learned about God while at SPU.”

Robi Wrigley

Robi Wrigley

“The Communication program here at SPU encourages and fosters a learning environment in which students get to know the professors and one another. I believe this strengthens the program, allowing students to have multiple resources and opportunities for help.”