Faculty Profile

Matthew Bellinger

Matthew Bellinger

Assistant Professor of Communication

Email: bellingerm@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2670
Office: Marston 210

Education: BA, University of Washington, 1982; MS, Newhouse School - Syracuse University, 1983; PhD, University of Washington, 2012. At SPU since 2014.

Matthew Bellinger’s teaching and research draw from both the humanistic and the social scientific branches of the field of communication, and he brings both perspectives to his courses on interpersonal communication, communication theory, and media technologies. He has previously taught at Northwest University and the University of Washington, and he remains an affiliated faculty member in the latter’s Communication Leadership graduate program.

Dr. Bellinger’s research focuses on the intersection of technology and communication, with a special emphasis on emerging monetary technologies. In particular, he is interested in the processes by which new technologies move from being strange and anxiety-inducing to familiar and routinized. His dissertation, The Rhetoric of Bitcoin: Money, Politics, and the Construction of Blockchain Communities, explores these themes by developing a rhetorical analysis of cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and decentralized autonomous organizations.

Selected Publications

  • Starbird, Kate, Jim Maddock, Mania Orand, Peg Achterman, and Robert M. Mason: “Rumors, False Flags, and Digital Vigilantes: Misinformation on Twitter after the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing,” Best Note Award, 2014 iConference (Berlin).
  • Achterman, M.E., “Multimedia in the Mainstream,” Convergence and Society, Reno, NV (2009).
  • Achterman, M.E., “Recorders & Cameras & Phones, Oh My: Using ubiquitous technology to teach great interviewing skills,” Convergence and Society: The Participatory Web, Columbia, SC (2008).
  • Achterman, M.E., “Improving Interviewing Skills With New Technologies,” Symposium of Teaching & Learning, Seattle, WA (2008).
  • Achterman, M.E., “The Good Life,” News Photographer 62(9) (2007), 49‑50.

For additional publications, please see Dr. Achterman’s CV (PDF).

Why I Teach at SPU

Matthew Bellinger, Assistant Professor of Communication

“Communication is integral to human life, and my aim as an educator is to cultivate students’ capacities to mindfully engage this aspect of our shared existence. I teach at SPU because I am convinced that such mindful engagement can empower us to persuade, negotiate, compromise, and reach consensus — in short, to sort through the messy work of deciding how we should live together.”