SPS Scholarships

New Competitive Student Scholarships

Seattle Pacific Seminary is pleased to announce the following new competitive scholarships and fellowships.

Students in Downtown SeattleUrban Ministry Promise Scholarship
The Urban Ministry Promise scholarship is awarded to seminarians who has a demonstrated propensity, gifting, and a sense of calling to congregational leadership in an urban ministry context. This scholarship awards one year’s worth of tuition and may be renewed.

Seattle Street Tektón Scholarship
Drawing from our institutional endeavors to be a formative community that is a workshop of the Holy Spirit, the Tektón Scholarship is named after the ancient Greek word for artisan or craftsperson. The Tektón Scholarship is awarded to students who embody the mission and vision of Seattle Pacific Seminary through their scholarship, spiritual development, and service to the Church and world. This scholarship awards one year’s worth of tuition and may be renewed.

SPU Cross Worship and the Arts Scholarship
Each year the Worship and the Arts Scholarship is awarded to seminarians pursuing their MA in Theology with a concentration in Worship and the Arts, and who works (or intends to work) in the fields of worship and the arts. This scholarship awards one year’s worth of tuition and may be renewed.

Worship International Student Success Scholarship
Each year the International Student Success Scholarship is awarded to international students of Seattle Pacific Seminary who has demonstrated a propensity toward vocational ministry and a sense of calling toward congregational leadership in their country of origin. This scholarship awards one year’s worth of tuition through institutional scholarships and may be renewable.


All candidates for our competitive scholarships are selected based on a review of their Seattle Pacific Seminary admissions materials at the time of their application. Generally, these scholarships are awarded to prospective and/or first-year full-time students. Recipients can apply to have the scholarship renewed in subsequent years. 

Scholarship recipients must be enrolled as a full-time student, maintain all graduate student requirements for continuation in the program, including good standing and continued discernment of service to the Church and world.

If you would like to nominate or recommend someone to receive a scholarship, please contact seminary@spu.edu.

Apply for Seminary Scholarships

  • Graduate Assistantships

    A limited number of graduate assistantship funds (part-time on-campus employment) are available each school year. In general, graduate assistantships are for students who have completed at least one year of graduate work with Seattle Pacific Seminary.

    Graduate assistants can expect to work 10 hours per week, for 10 weeks each academic quarter, earning minimum wage.

    To be eligible, you must take at least six credits a quarter, and must be making satisfactory progress toward degree completion. To apply, download the Graduate Assistantship application, and email your completed application to seminary@spu.edu.
  • Church Matching Grant

    Administered by SPU’s Student Financial Services, the University currently matches scholarships up to $500 provided by Christian churches for SPU students. This means that if your church were to provide a $500 scholarship toward your seminary tuition costs, SPU would match it up to $500 for the academic year.

    The grant is offered independently, over and above any scholarship you may be awarded by Seattle Pacific Seminary. To take advantage of this scholarship, your church will simply need to send a letter and check to Student Financial Services indicating they would like to provide a scholarship for you and take advantage of the “SPU Church Matching Grant.” In the letter, your church should note your student ID number.
  • SPU Employee Discount

    Administered by Human Resources, and as an encouragement to long-term employment service, the University provides tuition discount benefits to assist eligible employees and their spouses in earning their first undergraduate, master’s, and/or doctoral degree(s), and eligible dependent children in earning their first undergraduate degree. Find more information about this discount in the Employee Benefits Handbook.
  • SPS Student Scholarships for Conferences

    SPS students can request funding to assist them in attending theologically related conferences or academic meetings, drawn from the Seminary Advancement and Dean’s Vision Fund. Find more information here.
  • John Wesley Seminary Foundation Grant/Loan

    If you are pursuing full-time ministry in the Free Methodist Church, you may qualify for the John Wesley Foundation Seminary grant/loan opportunity. Qualified applicants must be a conference ministerial candidate in the Free Methodist Church. For more information and to begin the application process, visit the Free Methodist Church Department of Leadership Development website.

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